In the five short years since creating Fichtre! Frédéric Péchereau, Thomas Cantin and Wilfrid Lelou have substantiated a practice that revels in the ascendency of the micro, the direct, the unfussy, the urban, the collective, and the humbly transformative. For this collaborative, craft defies nostalgia for artisanal fabrication and enters the realm of exploration and immediacy. Here any given intervention unfolds from prototype to final assembly as a continuous design process. The result is a collection of constructions and insertions, both permanent and ephemeral, which no matter how small, invariably explore the very nature of public space and how it asserts itself in the city.

Fichtre! builds mobile furnishings, rolling shops, objects and installations. Frédéric, Thomas and Wilfred stage events and art happenings. They play musical instruments. They use circular saws and electric drills. Their interventions cannot be confused with site specific art works of the lean years. Nor is their project an ironic distillation of spatial experience. If we dare to conjure up the notion of liberty, then perhaps their playful work seeks to impart the same non-authoritarian pleasures that form the very logic behind their own collaborative practice.